Machine RepairWe can have customers up and running in no time with our worry-free approach from transportation back to Girotti Machine, repair, rebuild, testing and return to customer site. We handle all the details to help customers get back to work and productive sooner. We can execute minor repairs in as little as 24 hours and can perform a full rebuild in a matter of weeks.

We specialize in heavy forge machine repair and total machine rebuilds. With eight overhead cranes, our team can handle a variety of heavy parts and equipment safely and securely. We can return presses to OEM standards or carry out die-nest, lubing system, computer monitoring or safety enhancement modifications according to customer needs.

Unloading a 1000-ton press at our facility. Press stripped of all component parts, cleaned and inspected. Painted as per customer request. Part identification. Reassembly. Final testing. Girotti arranged transportation back to customer site.