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With a wealth of experience backed by strong family values around work ethic and quality, Girotti Machine provides a complete turnkey service that keeps customers coming back from many parts of the world. We offer innovative solutions to your production challenges in a fast and efficient manner, from repair to manufacturing of small, precision parts to large machining products, complete engineering and rebuilds.

As a result of our commitment to the customer, we have formed important alliances that enable us to address a broad range of finishing and processing requirements. Through these partnerships, we provide:

  • Thermal Spray and Hard Surfacing

  • Balancing

  • Industrial Metrology

  • Passivating

  • Specialized Coatings, Corrosion and Paint

  • Deep Hole Boring and Honing

  • CMM Inspection

  • Heat treating

  • Nitriding Flame Hardening

  • On-site Machining

  • Gear Cutting

  • Grinding

  • Fluid Power

  • Chrome Plating

Girotti Machine is a Canadian Welding Bureau sanctioned shop. As an ISO 9001 certified and CSA N299.3 designated environment, we track, record and deliver defect-free projects. Girotti Machine’s marine industry work is Lloyd’s of London certified. The Girotti team is dedicated to continuous improvement with respect to quality control. This practice extends to all our other processes and procedures.

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