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Pathways Speaker Summit

Niagara Catholic District School Board held its 3rd annual Pathways Speakers Summit on Wednesday, February 12th, 2020. More than 350 students and parents packed the room to hear from industry experts about future education and career options. Girotti Machine was proud to take part in the event, with president Aaron Tisdelle representing the company. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

Speaking at the event, Tisdelle said, "I'm hoping to send the message to parents that industry and manufacturing is not dead globally and specifically in Niagara. In the area we do nuclear, marine, steel processing, abrasives, we do just about anything that it takes to build the world around us - we build parts for, here in Niagara. We have a brilliant, old, experienced industrial tradition here in Niagara that we can take advantage of. There is a lot of options and opportunity in the trades and in the industries that surrounds the trades. Our parents, our young people, they need to know these things."

Lori Taraba of The Source asked Tisdelle, "often we hear kids say, I don't know how to get started in this career. What advice do you have for them?"

"My best advice is to talk to people. A neighbour is a tradesman, an uncle, a cousin - there are tradespeople all around us. In the schools, we have guidance counsellors, manufacturing teachers, the deisgn teachers. It really takes a bit on the parents part and on our part, as those that are trying to get our young people forward in life. It takes a little effort from us to ask the right questions … we do a lot of work in the community to try and get that message across to our parents, our kids, and the community at large."

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